The Company

Caribbean Biodiesel Solution is a company that efforts to promote recycling, agriculture and foreign raw materials purchase for the production biodiesel and pharmaceutical glycerin from vegetable oil. Biomass generation as a waste product and its processing, contribute for the yielding of derivatives that can be used for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fertilizers, pigments for paints, etc.; an entirely novel process with no much competition. We are a registered corporation in the State Department of Puerto Rico with authorized commercial offices located at Mayagüez City. Our plant will have a high-tech patented biodiesel production process and a thin films distillation tower for the refinement process of glycerin. We want to become national leaders in production and distribution of biodiesel and pharmaceutical glycerine from vegetable oils at the Municipality of Peñuelas, Puerto Rico.


Promote the development and use of biodiesel in Puerto Rico by the integration of projects focused on the social corporate responsibility commitment through innovation, technologies and providing comprehensive solutions focus to every particular need to ensure the environmental security, economic development and the sustainable social growth of our country.


Complete the development of our project and be a national growth sustainable icon with our technology of global competition and with procedures certified by international institutions.

Long-term Vision

Caribbean Biodiesel Solution growing to be an international impact corporation with the presence of leading countries in the distribution of renewable energy source field and become our own raw material producers through palm cultivation, african jatropha and other resources.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Caribbean Biodiesel Solution Corp., besides to offering top quality products, is interest in the institutionalization of a Social Corporate Responsibility policy. We will provide the resources to the communities through various social projects, being focused on the students, to encourage them to be interested, educated and get effectively develop in our different work areas. Will establish a collaborative partnership with the organization of education and environmental conservation Madre Tierra Atabey, whose institutional base is located in Guayanilla and their projects impacting especially to the southern region. For these projects, we will contribute a 5% of our annual net incomes.


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